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Beau-verdrive Overdrive + Boost | Cousins Music Exclusive

Beau-verdrive Overdrive + Boost | Cousins Music Exclusive

Introducing the Beau-verdrive Overdrive + Boost pedal. This pedal is a collaboration with our good friend Beau Cousins, owner of Cousins Music in Fort Smith Arkansas. 


This pedal is based on a classic, yet modern overdrive circuit. When we asked Beau what his signature pedal would be he responded saying he always wanted an overdrive that had MORE. We decided to take his favorite drive and turn it into something more versatile and supercharged, and this pedal is the result.

It features all of the controls you’d expect on any overdrive you’re familiar with, but with an added boost knob to give you more volume. While being able to tap into more volume for solos and such is exciting, we didn’t want to just make the pedal louder and call it a day, so we added a toggle switch that allows you to change the order of the boost and drive sections. By putting the boost after the drive section you can drive the signal into the amp harder to get more preamp distortion, or use the boost to make a lead lick or solo cut through. If you have the boost before the drive, you can push your signal into the overdrive harder which will cause the pedal to clip more, giving you more distortion than a typical overdrive offers while still retaining the note clarity. Both the drive and boost sections can be turned on and off independently of one another. The left footswitch controls the overdrive section and the right switch toggles the boost on and off. 


The order switch determines which section of the pedal comes first. When the switch is set to the left the overdrive section will come first with the boost acting as a clean boost after it. When the switch is set to the right position the boost will come before the overdrive, and you will be able to boost the level of your signal into the overdrive harder creating more distortion. 


The level and boost knobs can both act as the master volume control depending on the order. The level knob controls the output volume of the drive. The boost knob sets the level of the boost with unity being around 11 o'clock. 


The gain knob controls how much distortion is being added to your signal.


The tone knob controls the brightness. Counterclockwise for darker tones, and clockwise to get stabby piercing daggers in your ears.




List Price: $150

Current Draw: 7.55mA

Dimensions: 5.04 x 2.59 x 2.20 in. (128 x 66 x 56 mm)

Foot Switchs: 0.47 in. (12mm)

Toggle Switch: 0.25 in. (6.35mm)

Power: Standard 9v DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative center barrel. DO NOT RUN AT HIGHER VOLTAGES. Running at higher than 9v can damage the pedal.


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