Warranty / Repairs

Limited Warranty

     We will repair or replace any pedal that we manufactured at any time for as long as the product is in production. This warranty does not apply to normal wear of the enclosure or graphics, knobs, hardware or any products that are deliberately destroyed or modified by anyone other than TA Pedals. There is never any charge for a repair unless the circuit board needs to be replaced due to user damage or modification. Customers are responsible for shipping to TA Pedals and back to the customer after the repair has been completed. Custom builds including those using PCB's from other manufacturers are excluded from our Limited Warranty.


     Before you send a pedal to us for repair, please make sure the issue that you're having persists with it being the only pedal in the signal chain, and also try different cables, guitars, amps, power supplies or locations, if possible. Most pedals sent in for repair are fully functional and the issue is usually a bad power supply or faulty cables. Please double check before spending money to ship the pedal to us and then back! We don't want you to waste your time and money! If none of this helps, please contact us at tapedals@gmail.com. Once your repair request has been approved and we receive the pedal from you, we will either repair it, or replace it completely. Please allow up to two weeks for your repair.


Return Policy

     We will repair or replace any defective product as long as TA Pedals is in business, but we do not accept returns for any reason. We do our best to provide information about the pedal, as well as demos so that you can hear what our products sound like before you make your purchase. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at tapedals@gmail.com.

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