About ME.

About ME.

Hello Everyone, 

My name is Stephon Snyder. I am co-owner of TA Pedals. I went to a local college for Graphic Design. I do not have a full degree, however, I pushed forward with the skills I learned and taught myself many new things. I mostly do my work within Adobe applications. My partner and I met at work (restaurant) and as we became friends, we immediately became interested in each other's work. He was in the process of building clone pedals in his home workshop while I was doing some freelance with my artwork. We ended up coming together on a pedal we like to refer to as the Alien Life pedal. This pedal was the first art I did in collaboration with him. It was just an idea that one day we would be making our own pedals. He told me about this crazy sea creature called the Vampire Squid. I looked it up and was immediately inspired to create something with it. After that, we started doing some research on what we wanted the pedal to do. Obviously, it had to be a fuzz. Black and red colors, super deep, and a little scary. It couldn't be just a regular fuzz though, we wanted to create something new. I won't go into details about how we created the circuit, but it did take a few weeks of breadboarding to decide how to make it work. In the end, we were truly happy with the overall design of the pedal. We have what I believe to be one of the coolest pedals I have ever seen, it sounds awesome, and has some cool features that you won't find on another pedal. This is one of the things that gives our pedals a unique sound for discerning musicians and why you should check out our products.

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